Developers of Miniature Robotic Aircraft

Flexrotor tabletop-sized long-range robotic aircraft with VTOL Transitions to Wing-Borne Flight
Miniature Robotic Aircraft Applications Aerosonde UAV

Aerovel Corporation develops miniature robotic aircraft from our base in Washington State’s Columbia Gorge.  We are small, focused, and experienced, staffed by veterans of developing the Aerosonde and Scaneagle aircraft series. 

Now we are creating Flexrotor, a next-generation robotic aircraft for applications such as weather monitoring, geological survey, and imaging reconnaissance.   Flexrotor is designed to hover for launch and retrieval, and to cruise in wing-borne flight, with unprecedented range and endurance for an aircraft of tabletop size.  Please see our media section for the latest on the Flexrotor program.

Aerovel's Long-Range Flexrotor operates Autonomously from Unmanned Boat